Are Adult Stem Cells Safe?

  • A paper published in 2012 which analyzed 1012 people treated with Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) found that MSC treatment was safe and called for further study. (Click Here to View Paper – .pdf)


  • 2016 study. Type 2 Diabetes. 31 in treatment group. No serious adverse reactions, including fever, chills, liver damage, hypersensitivity, infection, hemorrhage, proteinuria, myocardial infarction, venous thromboembolic events or other arterial thromboembolic events, were detected following WJ‑MSC infusion in any of the patients who completed the study protocol, and no chronic side effects or lingering effects were detected during the follow‑up. (View Full Article – pdf)


  • 2013 study of MSCs for rheumatoid arthritis 86 subjects treated (172 in study). “No serious adverse effects were observed during or after infusion.”  Conclusion “treatment with DMARDs plus UC-MSCs may provide safe, significant, and persistent clinical benefits for patients with active RA” (View Abstract)


  • 2016 Single patient. There were no complications related to transplantations and no side effects related to the therapy during 2 years of treatment. (View Abstract)